Concerning  the  Inspirer of ROI for ROI, Spyridon (Spyros) Kyriakakis.

Family name: K Y R I A K A K I S

First names: S P Y R I D O N (SPYROS)

Place and  Date of birth:Athens Hellas , 22/08/1951

Gender: Male

Status :

Nationality: Hellenic (Greek)

Civil Status: Married with Mrs Ourania Kyriakakis nee Tsichlakis, since 1978, without children.

Criminal – Civil Records: None. Neither as juvenile, nor as adult. Not any other else e.g. administrative penalties.

Health Problems: None

Present position:

Academic Director of the Department of “Organizational Security and Management” ΚΕΜΕ New York College.

Supreme Security Manager and Head of New York College, Crisis Management Group

– Owner -Manager of “KYRIAKAKIS S.M.W. Systems Enterprise”, (Seminars-Meditations-Writings-SMW), VAT No EL 015763560. ( 24 Collaborators).

Lecturer in HELLENIC POLICE ACADEMY/NATIONAL SECURITY SCHOOL.(MSc –Level ) for the  Scientific Course:  <<Strategic  Management and the Determining of a Risk Factor>>. (2009,2010,2011,2012,2013).

Director of lifelong education and vocational training, of BOSS SECURITE HELLAS S.A.

Education: Police Studies ( Post Lyceum Police Studies, BSc and Post Graduated Studies- Hellenic Police Academy), Criminology (Post Graduated and Ph.D Studies- Panteion University), Open and Flexible Education of Adults (Post Graduated Studies in Open University of Patras), Security Management,(UNISA, University of South Africa, Economical / Regional Development Studies (Panteion University), National Society  Medical Homeopathy Cooperation .

Language and various skills: Indicated competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 – excellent , 5 –Language Daily basic elements)

 Language            Reading           Writing            Speaking

HELLENIC             Native/1        Native/1           Native/1  

ENGLISH                    2                  2                         2


 Other skills &  Key qualifications:


Home affairs  and Governance, Expert

Specialist in prevention of organised crime and terrorism, due to Police Career in Security and Intelligence    Services as well as scientific researcher in Security Management Issues.

Recognized by NATO as expert on the field of terrorism ref. doc. NOS (91) 458/20-03-1991.

Recognized  instructor and Proctor of Business Espionage Controls and Counter measures association – US.

Writer of. handbooks  and workbooks ( Please , see publications).

Civil emergency planning.

Strategic ,Tactical ,Operational  Planning, Expert , along with Master Plans, Crisis  Managing “Handbooks”, Civil Emergency Planning (Especially for Companies), Planning to Confront Extraordinary Situations, and Decentralisation and local development concerning the support to local authorities in security management and  Municipality police.

– Experience in countries of the regions ALA (Asian, African Area), CARDS (Central and East Europe Area), MEDA (Mediterranean Area)  and in Belgium, Germany, France, Holland, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, USA.

– Specialist on “heavycrime unlawful acts at sea” (terrorism, piracy, organized crime). It is the field of my doctoral studies and PhD scientific research for Panteion University, Athens.

Teaching and Learning. Rewarded by many organizations (public and private institutions), for excellent teaching education and effective learning of scholars and students influencing their Cognitive ,Affective and Psychomotor Domains. 

Worldwide introducer of “Private Security Strategic Command Course”, added as 5th level of studies on the acceptable and existed internationally 4 levels (basic, intermediate, advanced and managerial). This initiative was adopted and implemented through New York College, Athens, under the authorization  and the adoption  of  the Hellenic (Greek )National Accreditation Center for Vocational Security Training, RESOLUTION 562/10 and by the Ministry of Education and Lifelong learning : Y.A 92775/ ΙΑ/27-7-2010/Government Journal(ΦΕΚ-FEK) 1302 Β


– Scientific advisor and journalist  of  the   monthly News paper- Magazine “SINTAKTIS” ,(Thessaloniki).

– Scientific advisor of prof.review «Security Manager«

13. Professional experience in foreign countries

 Professional Licences, Registrations and Recognitions: 

  1. Hellenic Ministry of Education/Records Office for KEME – College Educators: 149/2008.
  2. Hellenic National Accreditation Centre for Continuing Vocational Training: reg.No as Educator-Tutor EA 22487.
  3. Hellenic Labor Organization Educational Affairs: reg. No as Educator-Tutor 32172.
  4. E.C./DECA/PAMECA: Lecturer 2329/05.
  5. E.C./CARDS Expert/Tutor: AL 01/02-01-03/01(98477).
  6. N A T O    Rec. Expert: NOS (91)458.
  7. BECCA CCO-Instructor-Proctor in Hellas for CCO Programs: 2009.
  8. Security Professional Licence 1020/ 181337/B-2/2-a  Hellenic Police Authority, (valid throughout Greek territory).
  9. Security Professional Investigation Licence: 1020/181337/B-2/2-a  Hellenic Police Authority, (valid throughout Greek territory).
  10. International Foundation for Protection Officers Recognition as Proctor on Certified Protection Officers Programs Jan.29, 2009.
  11. Licence Reg.No 1393  -Civil Aviation  concerning air  and aviation  security
  12. Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS code) – certified specialist, (IMO model courses  3.19, ΑΑ 3728.6/215/05.
  13. AUTHORIZED by    MOD Greece For  the use of classified material, when private bodies ,undertake sensitive works ,for critical infrastructures.
  14. Certified on First Aid issues. Α.Μ. Ε 14324/22/2012.
  15. Pyrosvestology  F21Z – 12772-1111.(Hellenic Institute of Fire Safety and Security).
  16. Reg.No. 184/2012 National Society  Medical Homeopathy Cooperation
  17. Health Ability Certificate of the Hellenic Act 3528/2007 ,for the educators, by the Health Committee . Reg.No 5463.


Professional experience IN:





Professional experience in foreign countries

Belgium, Germany, Italy, PAYS BAS, U.S.A., United Kingdom, Albania, France,  U.A.E., Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Spain, Jordan, Iraq, Holland

Conferences(123, in Greece and abroad).

Written works

Four (4)   handbooks during police-duty

Dissertations: twenty two (23) on Police, Criminological, Security, Training, Security Management Financial and medical issues.

Articles/ meditations/ surveys (published) :        Sixty  six    (66):

BooksHandbooks- Meditations:

o   Three systems of educational material for private security personnel for training purposes. The first organized Private Security Training Material ,in Greece, evaluated as excellent effective. (1998, 1999, 2000).

  • o   “General Security Plan” for the “Bank of Greece”. (1991).
  • o   “General Plan for the training of security and stewarding personnel of  foot ball teams of the Super League and spectators security and safety”. ( 2010).
  • o   “ Special Meditation ,concerning Embassies Security” ,  upon request of the C E O of  “PYRSOS SECURITY” , Athens .Greece.(2011).
  • o   “Master Plan” in favour of BOSS SECURITE HELLAS, for  Private Institutions.
  • o   Book “The Security Handbook of Close Security”. Co-author Ph. Purpura, , “ION” Publications, Athens, 2005, 714 pages. 
  • o   Book “Police Science and Border Policeology”, Athens and Tirana, 2005, 407 pages, written in English language and translated in Albanian language, used by the high officials. It was adopted by PAMECA (Police Assistance Mission of EU to Albania).  By virtue of the acceptance of this book by PAMECA after authorization of EU Delegation in Albania, Due this book ,I was appointed as a Lecturer to Police Academy in Tirana (2005). 
  • o   Book “The Encyclopedic Handbook for Security Managers”, S.Kyriakakis- J.Kanalis “Press Line”, Publication Athens, 2008.
  • o   Book “Effective Security Trainer by the Application of NADLER’ S model”. S.Kyriakakis, under publication “Press Line” Athens, 2009.
  • o   Two(2)  handbooks  for guards and for First line security managers .They are in fully accordance with guidelines of Greek National Accreditation Center for Vocational Security Training.
  • o   Handbook  for Private Investigators.
  • o   “Security Law, Security Practice, Security Management”, for New York College scholars.
  • o   “Counter Espionage Best Practices  co-authors John  Κanalis, Jason Dilbey, Jose Abreu
  • o   “Border Surveillance” in English and in Albanian .Co-author Dr.Zianikas Charalambos .Edit. Rexhep HIDA – Tirana Albania ,2005.Funded by European Union.
  • o   “The Albanian Police Manager ” in English and in Albanian .Co-author Dr.Zianikas Charalambos .Edit.Dolores ALIPIRGOU– Tirana Albania , July 2005. Funded by European Union.
  • o   <<Captain’s Merchant Marine  Public Order Jurisdictions in the ship>> Ed. “ELNAVI”, Piraeus Greece.2000
  • o   Security Management Forum for Scholars in Security Management ofNew York College .(2007)
  • o   Security Law, Security Practice, Security Management. Ed. New York College, 2008.
  • o   Training manual for trainers of Albanian Border Police, May 2005, Tirana, Twinning project .
  • o           How to write the report of a post graduation or Doctoral research –guidance”, Panteion University (1996). 

           Tactical article writer in “Security manager” review (2007-2013,Athens.)


Writer and Contributor to “Criminal Justice Review” ,  Hellenic Naval Industry Magazine” on Security – Criminological – Ship/Port facility security issues, “Eco Q Review”, concerning business continuity,<<Maritime Economies>>, (articles about piracy and ISPS code).

Development of  special systems of security issues, for different trainees in Security Management and Security  Managing Vocational Training.

Five modules. Every one of one year duration, consisted by six articles being published by the Vocational by monthly review (Security Manager) which is, the cross road for private security in Greece. The first module was addressed to operational private security stuff. The second concerns the security managers of private security industry, the third refers to special security issues for the top security managers, the four one concerns everything about security planning and the fifth, about Intelligence Management.

Other presentation are for  critical infrastructures, football teams, spectator’s safety, terrorism, family security, ships, ports and port facilities security.

Many Biographies(concerning persons that works far from the Mass Media  lights ,for the common good)

and series of publication with the form of distance learning , (concerning  the training of the people  to confront their uncertainty), through the   monthly News paper- Magazine “SINTAKTIS”.


Alternative training material (Video – DVD) Learning from Criminal’s “Modus operandi”.

Seven  (7) books (under toleration).


  • o   Twice awarded for excellent teaching by New York College Educational Group and by Albanian State Police and EEC Delegation in Tirana.
  • o   Medal of Police Worth C’ Class 1993. This medal was promoted to B’ Class 1996 (By the virtue of Presidential Decree, Feb. 1st 1996).
  • o   Gold Cross of Phoenix Battalion (By the virtue of Presidential Decree, Sept. 2nd 1994).
  • o   Three (3) awards of achievement by NATO (1987, 1988, 1991).
  • o   Four (4) awards of achievement by Hellenic Police and Intel. Service. (1987, 1989, 1992).
  • o   Forty one  (41) written Recognitions – Awards by:

–          Mediterranean Quark Private Security Company.

–          European Private Sec. Company (Kilkis).

–          HYATT International Company.

–          The Security Director of National Bank of Greece.

–          SYNERGY Adult’s re-education and vocational training center.

–          Professor MAGGANAS Antonios PANTEION UNIVERSITY Athens.

–          Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Piraeus.

–          Resid. training advisor of CARDS/Twinning Project in Albania.

–       3rd award by the “International Literary Society of Greece”

–          Banks (Geniki,Athinon )

  • o   Twenty nine (29) laudatory and recognition comments, by the:

–     The weekly economical newspaper (EPENDITIS Feb. 19/20, 1994).

–      Monthly magazine “EFOPLISTIS” (April 2000).

–      Monthly magazine “Hellenic Merchant Marine Industry”–ELNAVI (April 2000).

–      Monthly newspaper “News of Creta” (March 2000).

–     “Security Manager”, bi monthly review ( many times ).

–     “City Cariera”, newspaper.

–     “Vradini”, newspaper (2 times)

–     “Aggeliaforos”, newspaper – Thessaloniki.

– SINTAKTIS  ,news paper, Thessaloniki.

– City Guide, news paper, Thessaloniki.

– “Tribuna”, Albanian newspaper in Greece.

– “The Profit” Athens  economical newspaper.

-“ Business Espionage Controls and Counter Measures Association” –NEWS LETTER ,Washington D.C ,USA.


 Extracurricular activities:

  • Member of the Hellenic (Greek) Society of Criminology.
  • Member of the Hellenic (Greek) Association of Journalists ,Northern Greece
  • The National Organization of Qualifications Accreditation and Professional Orientation/ Ministry of Education,  by virtue of the 5300/14-03-2012, commandment of organization Chairman entrusted the subscriber to develop a new regulation for security studies for the Hellenic Institutes of Vocational Training. The Regulations code, was developed and was accepted by the Council, o the Organization. It  was published identically , in the Government  Gazette  (V.B 1715/May 17,2012)

Vision :To promote “Security Management” as an independent Science and as the crossroad of all the other Sciences, throughout the World.

Acquisition of  extra abilities in cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains: Due the experience

 b o r n   by  the so many years managing of sensitive , urgent  and  of critical importance situations the reported in the present C.V, has acquired  upper abilities to manage the time effectively , to operate under pressure and difficult situations and to be effective.


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